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HOPE – Homeless in Europe is a Nongovernmental (NGO) Organization consisting of homeless people and working against homelessness in Europe and it is a network for all persons in Europe, who are, or have been homeless, including people in (immediate) danger of becoming homeless. HOPE Homelessineurope´s purpose is to be a European network, disseminating experience and knowledge about protecting and advancing the rights of homeless people, and to promote practical and political issues that are of importance to all homeless people in Europe, as well as to those who are at great risk of becoming homeless. We also strive to advocate their interests toward the authorities.

Membership is free for homeless and by registering on our website you will automatically be a member of HOPE. If you do not want to be a member please just delete your profile.

Our goal is to be spokespersons and advocates for all homeless people throughout Europe as well as a network for communication between homeless people. If you are a homeless, or former homeless person please join us as the more we are, the stronger we stand toward the authorities.


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