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Dear friends of HOPE!

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Welcome to HOPE – HOmeless PEople´s Website

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Please enjoy the site and use the information in the website at your leisure whether you are a homeless person or a social/health worker. If you feel there is missing/leftout information feel free to write to: webmaster@homelessineurope.eu

Originally HOPE (short for HOmeless PEople) was thought of as a network for homeless people in October 2009 at a conference in Copenhagen. 44 homeless people attended the meeting, and decided that a common platform was needed for the homeless to raise awareness about their situation.

 HOPE is a formal, legal organization, registered in Brussels and we are at present working actively to toward funding for future meetings and activities. The aim is to meet at least twice a year to debate homelessness and possible solutions.

HOPE was officially founded on October the 22nd, 2011 in Luxemburg. The present form of Hope was established in Prague on November 9th. 2013.
HOPE is a network organization for homeless people in Europe, and the voice of those who otherwise have nobody to speak their case.

 HOPE is founded from an interest to be connected at the European level since it is necessary to participate in the European discussion to get influence. Homeless people need to be more formally organized, to develop and adopt a program as well as to be more visible.

The organization is meant as a supplement to the already existing NGOs by being a direct link between the homeless and these organizations as well as being their personal homeless network. We are also in the role as advocates and lobbyists for all homeless in Europe.

Our views for the future is to work to let HOPE grow to a fully fledged organization working full time to give the homeless ofEurope maximal support. What we need initially are more members who will give of their time and knowledge to build a strong organization. We are continously working to provide funds because without we are unable to exist. If you are willing to contribute please send an e-mail to: board@homelessineurope.eu

Remember that no amount is too small and no amount is too large.

Please help us acquire new dedicated HOPE members who have a genuine interest in helping better the lives of homeless people in Europe!

We are here to build a network for homeless people all over Europe. Our aim is to be political spokesmen toward the authorities, national as well as at EU level to ensure that the homeless always get their rights and to better their situation,

People sleeping out in doorways, parks, in derelict sites and in abandoned cars experience the extreme form of homelessness. This is what most of the public think of when they hear the word ‘homeless’. But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The ‘invisible’ homeless, people who live in emergency accommodation, in shelters, hostels, refuges, in B&Bs or double share with friends and relatives, make up about 10 times the number of people sleeping rough. They are also without a home and in need of hel